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FAQ Ambien

What is Ambien?

Ambien is a sleeping drug from a cluster of medicines called imidzopyridines. It is taken for short-term therapy of sleep disorder in grownups. In other terms, Ambien is a tranquillizing hypnotic.

Can Ambien be taken throughout pregnancy?

Do not take Ambien whenever you are expecting or planning to get pregnant. Also, do not take it if you are breast feeding.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Whenever you take this tablet at bedtime and drop it do not use it in sunrise. Whenever missed within 1 hr take it, whenever more than an hr, skip and then carry on with your usual schedule. Never take a double dose.

What happens whenever I take an overdose?

Whenever an overdose of Zolpidem is supposed, get health attention immediately. Signs of overdose may include trouble respiration, clumsiness, slowed heart tempo and deep sleep from which you cannot be awakened and death.

What things should be prevented when using Ambien?

Narcotics and alcoholic beverage should be avoided because they may decrease your breathing tempo to the point of unconsciousness or coma. Do not take this medication with any other drug treatments that might slow the central nervous system, such as another tranquilizer, benzodiazepine, sleeping tablets, monoamine oxidase inhibitor, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants or antihistamines.

Can I give this tablet to my kid?

Do not offer this medication whenever your kid is under 18 years old and seek advice from your physician.

What shall I notify my healthcare worker about when s/he prescribes Ambien?

You want to inform your medical provider about the previous issues or health conditions that you had. You also require to notify her/him about any drug or alcoholic beverage habituations. As well notify her/him about all the allergies and the drugs you take.